The 357 Club


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Membership Benefits

This is a one time cost and a lifetime of membership benefits !!

If this is a gift for another Brother, please email or message us before purchase !!

If you are not in The United States, please contact us before purchasing a membership /G\

1. 25% off all future purchases with special coupon code ! 

2. Advance notice on all new products !!!!

3. A one of a kind Lapel Pin, Coin, Lanyard & Membership Card that are only available to members !! 

4. Input on future designs !

5. Membership discounts are for personal orders only, since all bulk and custom orders are already discounted !!

6. With the many new products planned for the near future, now is the time to purchase a membership !!!

* After purchase you will receive an email with instructions and coupon code ! So please wait till you get your coupon code to make a purchase after buying The 357 Club membership /G\

The 357 Club Jewel



This jewel is ONLY to be purchased by Members of The 357 Club, if you are not a member, please purchase membership above before ordering this jewel !!

Character limit is 20 !!

These will come already engraved with your name on the top bar, and your member number on the back, just like the image shown !!!

If this is purchased by a non member, your order will be CANCELLED !! 

These are available for preorder from 8/2/19 - 9/30/19 and will be going into production on 10/1/19 & will be shipped out around 10/31/19 !!

After this first batch you will still be able to order these, but you will have to wait until January 2020 before we make more, so make sure to order yours during the time frame above /G\