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The Traveling Ambassador has agreed to let us use their website to park this list ! We have gathered only truly verified Masonic Companies and will be listing them below. The first section shows companies that are run by Masons and sell Masonic items. The second section shows business that are run by Masons, but don't sell Masonic items. Most of the images can be clicked on to take you directly to their websites.  If you are interested in being added to this ever growing list please email us at contactus@hiramsmarket.com /G\

1st Section List

1. The Traveling Ambassador

2. Ascended Masters Clothing

3. Corner Stone Regalia

4. Upon The Point

5. Masonic Supply Shop

6. Black Bear Creations Iowa ( FB Only )

7. Masonic Gifts

2nd Section List

1. Resistance Tattoos

2. Hiram Grooming Company

3. Traveling Humidor

4. Ohio Business Academy ( FB Only)

5. Double T.A.P. Shooting ( FB Only )

6. Ink Sensation ( FB & Instagram Only )

7. Tattoos By Chris Jones ( Instagram Only ) 

8. Benny's Plumbing ( FB Only )

9. Switch Box

10. Happy Feet Orthodics

Trusted Masonic Companies

Companies Run By Masons

Masonic Events